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10 Tropical Fish that you can keep together in Aquarium Tank

Tropical fish can be kept in saltwater or the freshwater aquarium—these tropical fish usually known as “showy fishes”. A typical example of a tropical fish is the sea lion. Most tropical fish can be kept in school or in the same tank without fighting each other; these fish are called community fish.

Let’s look at the list of 10 tropical fish species that can live together in an aquarium.

Tropical Fish

  • Guppies
  • Platies
  • Neon Tetra
  • Zebra Danios
  • Mollies
  • Cherry Barb
  • Swordtail
  • Cory Catfish
  • Pearl Gouramis
  • Loaches


Guppies, also called the rainbow fish, are an ideal and widely accepted tropical fish. It is also one of the commonly kept freshwater aquarium fish species.

These brightly colored and active fish have a strong adaptation and are bright bloom in several ecological and environmental conditions; that is why the guppies are very known and widely practiced by aquarium fish keepers.

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Male guppies are less more prominent, the females are bigger than they are, their fins are dorsal, and also possess ornamental caudal. Some guppies feed on several types of fish food which includes aquatic insect larvae, and benthic algae, these types of guppies are termed “wide guppies.”

Guppies should stay in sets. You can keep them in a group of 4; the best tank size to choose for your guppie fish is 1-gallon water to one guppy.

You should feed your guppies with a mixture of several animals and plant-based foods to a healthy life.


Platies appear in almost every goings and love being in school. They bloom in small groups of six or five fish. A 10-gallon tank is ideal and large enough if you want to keep a group of five. Although the platies are omnivorous, they will need more plants than they will need meat. If possible, they need the best and adequate mixture of a plant-based diet.

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Platies are one of the numerous live-bearing varieties of freshwater fish popular with aquarium enthusiasts. Grouped with fish of similar species, the platys and swordtails are a typical example. They are sturdy, go very well with other fish species, and are particularly easy to breed. Platies are of different colors and forms, which are usually attractive.

What Are The Easiest Tropical Fish To Keep in aquascape aquarium

However, they all do well in related environmental or ecological conditions as they also come in different varieties, which are; 2.2 color variations. Platy freshwater fish varies with several base colors ranging from dim yellow to dark black, with several shades. Platies also come as albino variants.

It is common for platies to display several colors and an assortment of shades all in the same fish. Colors seen in platies include gold, black, green, blue, etc. Red colors are known as blood-red or coral red.

The 2.2 Wagtail pattern describes when rays of the platies’ dorsal fin or caudal fins are black.
Wagtails can occur with virtually anybody’s color and usually combined with other color patterns.

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Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a freshwater fish. They have bright colors that make the fish very visible, even in black waters and local aquariums. For this reason, they are a trendy aquarium and one of the favorites of fish keepers.

Neon Tetras are small fish; they are among the most native species of fish to care. If you are a beginner, the neon tetras are an excellent choice of fish to start breeding.

What Are The Easiest Tropical Fish To Keep in aquascape aquarium

Their length is about 2.3, and just like most tropical fish, they love to be kept in school. If you consider saving a small aquarium community, then the neon tetras are ideal. They have peaceful behavior and will be an excellent choice for you.

They will prefer tropical temperatures; their water should be acidic and soft too. Neon tetras are omnivorous feeders and will accept almost any food you give them. Shrimp, insects, plants, worms, and worms are an ideal food choice for them.

Neon Tetra are commonly called “cardinal tetra,” they live up to nine or ten years, and they can die with the slightest adjustment in their water or tank conditions.

Zebra Danios

The Zebra Danios make great fish for beginner’s fish; they are easy to care for and can grow up to 6 cm. They are to be kept in a school of at least five. They require a big tank too! Their tank size should be at least a 10- gallon tank.

As mentioned above, zebra danios are fish species that are to stay in school. They tend to become stressed if outnumbered. Danios love to interact too. They are good social fish and can communicate well with other fish species in a community tank.

Danios are excellent jumpers, always keep your tank covered to prevent them from jumping out. If you are not careful enough, they may find them challenging to handle.


Mollies are freshwater fish. The wild fish species usually has slivery and dull colors. These mollies are known to reproduce very fertile hybrids with the other Poecilia variety, especially the sailfin mollies. Male mollies generally are not aggressive.

The mollies are peaceful species, and they grow around 4-5 inches in length and adapt to any water conditions you put them in. They require warm water with a pH of 7.1-8. The perfect tank size for mollies is a 20-gallon tank to enable them to swim freely.

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Just like most tropical fish, mollies are omnivorous. However, their diet should be a mixture of animal and plant food. Mollies have a fantastic feature- they give birth to their young lives, they are livebearers! They even breed quickly, as well. If you are just setting up your aquarium, mollies are an excellent choice for you. - For all your creative needs!

Due to their high reproduction and natural growth, they are trendy and one of the best tropical fish to keep.

Cherry Barb

The cherry barb is a peaceful fish, and they grow at about 3 inches in length, their tank size should be a minimum of about 25 gallons. Cherry Barbs are known to be omnivorous and will consume almost any time of food you feed them with. Fresh, live, or frozen flakes are an ideal choice for them.

Cherry barbs are easy to care for, and they can be kept in any community tank with full and open space for swimming; you should also give them sufficient live plants so they can hide whenever they want to.


The swordtail is a lengthened fish that grows to about 5 inches in length. The male swordtails have a long swordlike feature that extends to the low fin lobe of the tail. The swordtail is comparable to shape with the guppies and the platies; they have a slightly bulky body feature.

What Are The Easiest Tropical Fish To Keep in aquascape aquarium

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The swordtail fish come in different color varieties. They are also tough fish which makes them an ideal choice for beginners. Swordtails are very peaceful and active. They bloom well in a community tank and also swim in a school.

They are fast breeders. Swordtails will sometimes want to eat their young, so ensure you keep them away from them.

Cory Catfish

The cory catfish are also called Cory Cats, these fish are a clip in most freshwater aquarium. They’re easy to calm and peaceful too. They are referred to as bottom dwellers. They are social fish and can also be kept alone but they do well if they are kept in groups.

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What Are The Easiest Tropical Fish To Keep in aquascape aquarium

They interact very well with other fish when they are kept in a community tank as long as their tank mates are not aggressive. Corydoras can grow to 3 inches in length and very good tank cleaners, they do this by feeding on leftovers from the tank. They also feed on fish flakes.

Pearl Gouramis

The pearl gouramis have a characteristic feature that allows them to breathe in the air at the tank surface.

Naturally, this adaptative feature enables them to live in waters that lack sufficient oxygen. Their feature also allows them to live in stagnant and oxygen waters. Some gouramis are mouthbrooders, and some other species make gurgle nests at the surface of the water to nurture their eggs until they hatch.

10 Tropical Fish that you can keep together

The Pearl Gourami is quite larger, but are peaceful and one of the easiest to keep. The minimum tank size to go here is a 30- gallon tank and of course with a lot of plenty of places to hide. You should consider low lighting too.

Gourami can be kept in the same tank with other fish species that have the same characteristics and size too. Ensure you do not keep them with aggressive fish. Pearl Gourami are omnivorous fish, they should be fed algae and meaty based foods.


Loaches are also known as the true loaches. These species are scavengers who spend most of their time rooting out food from the bottom of the tank.

Many Loach species prefer to be in schools, and some species will sulk away with loneliness if kept alone. They are very peaceful too.


Every fish that may live peacefully with other breeds often prefer the company of their kind and they will be happiest and healthiest if kept in schools.

Keeping a school of at least 4-6 of the same kind of fish can add vibrant interest to your aquarium as long as you don’t intend to keep them with an aggressive type of fish.

Most times you should not keep too many of them together, this will help you prevent overcrowding.