You are currently viewing 7 Best Plants For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium For Beginners

7 Best Plants For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium For Beginners

Which natural style aquascape plants are best for natural setting aquascape? We will take a deep look at the variety of aquascape plants. As a result, we will decide which of them is best to acquire a natural aquascape style with tranquility.

Natural style aquascape plants are perfect for any aquarium, and they’re almost needed for aquascaping. To make it right, using plants that won’t die right away is crucial.

This is a guide in which you’ll learn about, natural-looking aquascape plants and how to maintain them alive including:

  • Natural style Aquascape plants for beginners.
  • Natural style Aquascape plants for intermediate.
  • Suitable requirements to maintain them alive

In the beginning, aquariums like the one above might seem impossible to create. Keep in mind that if you are patient and keep learning new things you’ll be able to create beautiful designs like this one someday.

Using live plants in your aquarium will greatly benefit the health of your tank. live plants also have the benefit of looking amazing. In truth, a lot of the most appealing aquariums online are made using live plants and hardscapes.

Best Low Maintenance Natural style Aquascape Plants

The natural style aquascape plants we are going to review first are known for being hard to kill and to tolerate fluctuating water requirements.

Going with these plants when starting your first planted tank will help you tremendously.

Java Moss

Dutch-style aquascape or japanese style aquascape

Java moss is the most common plant you’ll encounter in aquariums. While it grows and spreads like a weed, it mainly thrives when given pressurized CO². It can also grow relatively quickly when given medium lighting.

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You will need to trim it early and often so it looks like a “carpet” on the bottom of your tank. It’s also great for shrimp keeping since it provides good protection for young shrimp. Be aware that this plant requires to be anchored to something heavy to prevent it from floating to the top of your tank.

Water – 72-90 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting​ – Grows best in medium to high light, highly tolerable

Appearance – Low growth pattern; will create a carpet look if you trim it properly and often enough

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Marsilea Minuta

Which Plants Are Best For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium

When trimmed properly and tightly, this plant will carpet quite efficiently. You can determine if it’s receiving enough nutrients very easily. Its colours will turn from a vibrant green to yellowish over time.

Modify your dosing when observing this is very important. Marsilea Minuta will create a unique carpet in your aquarium since it’s more of a closed, leafy plant. It can hold waste under its leaves, so always be careful and keep it clean.

This plant is well known by the fish keepers because of its toughness and charming green tinge as well as being easy to care for. It can develop while either partly or completely submerged by water. It does well in high light intensity.

Water – 74-79 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting – Thrives under medium lighting, can tolerate other lights intensities

Appearance – Unusual clover appearance. It creates a unique ‘carpet’ of sorts

Pygmy Chain Sword

Which Plants Are Best For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium

Pygmy Chain Sword is also known as the Chain Sword or as Narrow-leaf. It belongs to the Alismataceae family as it has very linear leaves. It has no petioles attached to it.

The pygmy chain sword is truly an interesting plant and will surely look familiar to you as it’s the aquatic version of what’s in your garden.

When it’s cared for properly, Chain Sword can give any tank an extra finished style. The smaller granules will help the plant stay in place faster, and will prevent it from floating to the water surface.

To start to grow your Chain you can buy some plants and settle them in the aquarium after a while runners will start to appear in your aquarium.

Water – 71 – 77 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting – Needs a high light level to thrive

Appearance – ​Looks exactly like the grass that grows in your garden - For all your creative needs!

Java Ferns

Which Plants Are Best For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium

This is a very low maintenance natural style aquascape plant world. You won’t have any trouble keeping this plant alive, as they look very unique, they are extremely popular for beginners trying to create their first aquascape.

That is because It’s one of the few plants that work well in nearly any location of your aquarium. Amassing a bunch of Java Ferns will keep your tank neat no matter the location of the plants.

Many people love Java Fern as planting them is stupidly simple, just throw them in the water. Fully-grown, these aquarium plants can reach around 8 inches tall, and use their rhizomes to spread around.

Water – 73 – 81 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting – This plant will grow best in low to medium lighting condition

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Appearance – Very large when fully matured, will have very broad leaves

It is time to take a look at some of the best looking, but also hard to maintain aquascape plants.

Best High Maintenance Natural style Aquascape Plants

Needle Leaf Java Fern

Which Plants Are Best For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium

The Play Gym by Lovevery

While the big bushy leaves and very fast growth rates of Java Ferns will dominate the aquarium and plague it’s tranquility. Needle Leaf Java Fern’s thin leaves will make that much difference.

They look stunning when attached to driftwood and allowed to grow into open water columns. Your tank will look very natural with them. Contrary to Java Fern, they grow both slower and smaller.

But like Java Fern, a very small amount of light is required to keep them healthy while also thriving in high lighting requirements. This plant is a very good addition to any aquarium.

Water – 72 – 79 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting – Growth is best in low to medium lighting

Appearance – Green in color ​Very large in size and grows longer

Christmas Moss

Which Plants Are Best For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium

Christmas moss is one of the best natural aquascapes plants out there. Whether you love or hate it, moss will always be used when aquascaping.

Christmas Moss is commonly used and possibly the best addition to any tank. It is extremely easy to grow in both high and low light setups.

All moss, unlike every other plant, can consume the aquarium’s nitrates at quick rates. Christmas Moss is the same, it will clean the water in your tank while growing into a beautiful natural carpet for substrates and rocks.

The very fine leaves of Christmas Moss will make it a crucial element when trying to make new rocks and driftwood look natural. Being easy to use and cheap to source it is a definite yes in any aquascape.

Water – 65 – 77 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting – ​Growth is best in low or medium lighting

Appearance – Very large, leaf or fern-like appearance

Anubias Barteri

Which Plants Are Best For Natural Style Aquascape Aquarium

Anubias Barteri is a small, attractive plant that thrives in every condition. Originating from Cameroon this plant will reach a height of 5-10 cm, while the rhizome can reach 10 to 15 cm or more.

Since it grows slowly, and as the leaves can last for many years, it gives slowly growing algae the chance to be established in the tank. You can achieve the best results by planting it on a tree root or stone.

You can use fishing line to attach the Anubis until it’s holding on its own. If you are planting on the bottom of the tank, make sure the rhizome isn’t covered or else it could rot.

It flowers frequently underwater. Perfect when decorating wood and hardscape giving the aquarium a natural feel. It is low priced and can be found at most fish-specific stores. Having Anubis in your aquarium will boost the aesthetic of your aquarium.

Water​ – 74 – 82 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lighting – This plant grows best under low to medium lighting requirements

Appearance – Can grow to be very large, will also have very broad leaves


Use a mix of differently colored LEDs. You can either use white color LEDs to make your aquarium shine or different RGB LEDs to make it look more beautiful. You should get more than 60 PAR at the substrate level to get appropriate plant coloration.

In short, Natural aquascaping defines it’s own use of plants but distinguishes itself from the other styles by how it uses terraces and space.

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One of the most important factors is to maintain the aquarium plants in Natural style aquascape regularly. To maintain the beauty of the tank you must take needed actions like regular cleaning of the tank, water changing, trimming, etc.

Regular maintenance will also keep your aquascape away from potential algae or snail infestation. Have a schedule to clean it once a day, week, or month. The regular you follow this the longer your tank will survive.

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What Makes Natural Style Aquascape Stand Out

Hardscape and Plants are the base on Natural style aquascape. Whereas it is also important to look into the things that make the plants look so appealing to the eye.

We are mainly going to look into the Specifications, Appearance, Lightning, and Maintenance. It is a demanding aquascape style not recommended for beginners, as well as a lot of tradition behind it.

A Natural style aquascape is all about the hardscape and plants.

The main thing with this style is obtaining a wider tank as you will be using hardscapes such as rocks, driftwood, and plants that do spread wide and tall. And you want to allow them time to grow and show their length before pruning.

How to Pick Plants for Natural Style Aquascape

You need to know what you’re looking to achieve with your plants. If making a nice aquascape is what you want, you need to choose the plants that fit the type of scenery you’re trying to create.

If creating a nice and comfy shelter for your fish is what you want you will need to go with plants that have big bushes.

The long stems and many leaves will allow the fish to hide, play, and sleep in it. You will also need quick and big growing plants to create a vegetation heavy tank.


These things should be remembered before going further I will give you a few basic tips that will help you maintain your aqua plants alive regardless if you are a beginner or intermediate

  • Right plants for aquascape
    Suitable for your aquarium, being able to survive submerged by water.
  • Right light for aquascape
    Full-spectrum, fluorescent lighting essential to photosynthesis.
  • Right fertilizer for aquascape
    Fish-safe, iron-based fertilizer, designed to aid in freshwater aquarium plant growth.
  • Right substrate for aquascape
    Three inches of laterite covered with an inch of gravel to cover the bottom.