You are currently viewing 8 Best Aquarium Filters for Large Tanks | Buyer’s Guide for Aquarium Tanks

8 Best Aquarium Filters for Large Tanks | Buyer’s Guide for Aquarium Tanks

Everyone wants to keep an aquarium and experience that joy and relaxation. It feels so good to watch your fish swim from one end to the other, interacting and exploring the home you built for them.

If you have a large aquarium, you can add a variety of fish that pleases you; you can also add more decorations as desired. However, the bigger aquarium you have, the larger filter you will need.

Purchasing a broad filter for your big tank may seem quite a changeling and an uneasy task. So, we gathered the seven best aquarium tank filters specially designed for large tanks and why they are considered the best. You don’t need to surf through various web pages because we have got you covered here!

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What is a Large Aquarium?

A 50-gallon tank or a tank size more significant than that is referred to as a large tank. Small tanks are tanks that are less than 10 gallons. These tanks are easy to maintain, suitable for low budgets. However, these tanks have limits of fish and aquarium décor they can accommodate.

Large tanks are preferred as you can have the type of fish you want and any décor. You can include the small fish, large fish, ghost shrimp, or the cory catfish. Big tanks give your fish enough room to swim and explore their new home.

Benefits of Having a Filter for Your Aquarium

A filter may not be considered one of your tank’s exciting parts, but it is essential. A filter helps to limit the growth of toxins in your aquarium. If these toxins aren’t treated, they can cause significant damage to your aquarium.

Filters help keep these toxins in check, maintain the water’s cleanliness, and give you a clear view of your healthy and active fish collection.

Aquarium water goes through waste, toxins, and debris. These substances need to be removed, and clean water needs to be reversed back to the tank.

The health and well-being of your fish depends on this; without a filter, there will be the growth of pollutants that will build up in your tank. These pollutants may not be harmful at lower levels, but it will become toxic and unconducive for your fish if it accumulates.

These build-ups happen because there is no flushing process occurring in the water. This gives larger tanks an advantage over small tanks. It takes a while before these toxins accumulate in the tank.

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8 Best Aquarium Filters for Large Tanks

All tank sizes, whether large or small, have the same features and characteristics, but things can go out of balance, and the tank requirement might change.

Your fish needs a well-balanced heat, food, and also balanced water. Inhabitants of large aquariums need filters.

Here is a stream down of the type of filters your large tank will need.

Suitable Capacity

Large filters are always the best to go for. It is wiser to purchase a large filter than to a filtering way too small for large tanks.

Any filter you want to purchase should be capable of your large tank 4 times every hour. This explains that the GPH of your large tank filter should be four times as large as your tanks.

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Suppose you need more power, it is okay to have more than one filter in your tank. There is no harm in having several filters in your large tank.

Filtration Stages

Aquarium filters undergo three filtration levels that include

  • The mechanical
  • Biological
  • Chemical process

Always make sure the water is balanced and right. More extensive tanks need to be balanced with the biological and mechanical with less chemical filtration.

Biological filtration is essential and essential for maintaining a suitable balance in your tank. If you have a larger tank, you’ll need a biological filter media to step it up.

Mechanical filtration is needed for larger tanks. These tanks produce more waste that must be filtered out of the tank. If your filter doesn’t have a mechanical filtration, you will have to clean your water more often than usual.

Type of Filter

Filters come in several types. The most used ones are the Hang on Back filters (HOB) and the canister filters. These filters are powerful and work efficiently.

There are other types of filters, such as sponge filters, submersible filters, and under gravel filters. We will discuss the three most popular filters below.

What to Look out for in an Aquarium Filters for Large Tanks

While you want to purchase an aquarium filter, you may want to check out the different types. They include

Power Filters

These are the most commonly used types of filters. They usually hang at the back of the tank. It has a small tube that stretches down to the tank water. It pulls the water up to the filter. At the filter, it passes several filter cartridges and then flows back to the aquarium.

What to know

  • They are easy to install
  • Easy maintenance
  • For larger tanks, the filters are going to flow water stronger.

Under Gravel Filters

They are not as effective as power filters. They are used for mechanical filtration.

What to know

  • They require high maintenance.
  • They are best for smaller tanks.

Canister Filters

These filters are way powerful. They are usually installed outside the tank. A siphon pulls out the water through different sections of the filter and in different directions.

What to know

  • They are quite affordable and efficient.

There are several types of filters, and it may seem quite challenging to pick the suitable one for your aquarium.

Check out the next section for our top picks of aquarium filters for large tanks you would love to consider

However, none of these filters can work effectively on large tanks than the canister filter. They can’t cycle a large amount of water, though, without having more than one filter - For all your creative needs!

Fluval Canister Filter, FX6 Filter (400 Gal)


  • Easy start-up by simply adding water.
  • Built with six stages of supreme filtration.
  • It features smart pumping technology.
  • Double deal of chemical and biological filtration.
  • Fits perfectly under aquariums-21 inches tall.

Product Highlight

The Fluval Canister Filter, FX6 Filter (400 Gal), is suitable for salt and freshwater tanks. It can be placed hidden under the tank but still keeps your tank sparkling and toxin-free.

It is suitable for tanks, which are at least 400 gallons in volume. It works by pausing every 10-12 hours; this permits the flow or escape of air to ensure long-lasting and maximum filter use.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media


  • Comes with accessories such as a spray bar, hose, and installation process and an inlet pipe.
  • Designed for safe and easy storage after cleaning.
  • Comes with complete perfect media and valves.

Product Highlight

It is best for biological and mechanical filtration and gives the noiseless sound of aquarium waters.

This filter cleans your tank with a single swipe and, at the same time, enriches your tank with oxygen. It is suited perfectly inside the aquarium and goes a long way to do a great job.

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Sunsun Hw304B 525GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit


  •  Quite an affordable type of canister filter.
  •  Easy to set up and hides comfortably in the tank.
  •  Perfect fit for 150-gallon tanks.
  •  The filter comes with accessories such as ceramic rings, filtration kits, and media baskets.
  •  It has an adequate flow rate of 525(Gph), (2000l/ Hr).

Product Highlight

Due to its average budget, this filter has risen into competition with other large tank filters. It filters chemically, biologically, and mechanically.

However, it doesn’t just sterilize your tank; it is designed to limit and prevent the infestation of algae growth in your tank.

Aqua Clear – Fish Tank Filter

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  • Best choice for 110-gallon tanks.
  • Easy and quick setup process.
  • Comes with a 3year plus warranty.
  • Works effectively for supreme water quality.
  • Packaged with items such as activated carbon filters, aqua cleaner foam, and a cycle guard.

Product Highlight

If you own a 50-110 gallon tank, then this filter is your best plug. It comes with three levels of filtration and an outstanding filtration process.

With this process, the water cycling goes through a high filter for sufficient cleansing power.

Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel Power Filter


  • Size: 400 GPH.
  • Comes with a power filter capacity and a top filtration system.
  • It is designed with a bio-wheel power filter to give the best results.

Product Highlight

This filter offers top filtering on the three levels- chemical, mechanical and biological processes.

It is easy to replace, install, and cycle more than 400 gallons of water every filter per hour.

Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter


  • Size: 400 GPH.
  • Comes with a power filter capacity and a top filtration system.
  • It is designed with a bio-wheel power filter to give the best results.

Product Highlight

The Penn Plax Cascade 1500 is a canister filter that has different sizes. It can cycle 315 gallons per hour. Its filtration process undergoes the three levels and provides a toxin-free tank.

With its rubber footing and easy to lift handling, it is user friendly and does a great job.

Polar Aurora Free Media 4-Stage External Canister Filter


  • Serves for 200-gallon aquarium
  • Its flow limit is 525Gph
  • Designed with several media trays
  • Aimed at achieving the mechanical, biological, and filtration processes

Product Highlight

The Polar Aurora 4-Stage Canister Filter is an ideal option and suits perfectly for a low or average budget.

It comes with a 9- Watt UV to help prevent algae growth. The filter is best for 200 gallons and has the capability of pumping 525 gallons per hour.

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter


  • A great choice for marine and tropical tanks.

Product Highlight

Do you have a tank larger than 100 gallons? This canister filter is up and available for you.

It goes through the three levels of filtration and suites entirely in 100-150 gallon tank size; it is manufactured for external use only. It gives you a positive output and leaves your tank all filtering and debris free.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Aquarium Filter for Large Tanks

It is the joy of every fish owner to have their fish active and healthy. However, if you want to purchase a filter for your tank, you should consider these vital points.

Tank size

To make the right choice of filter for your tank, you should consider your tank size. More extensive tanks need powerful filters; external filters are usually the best for larger tanks.

Room size

Space, where you place your aquarium, should be considered as well. If you have a small space, then you won’t have to purchase a large filter. Size is a significant mark that influences your choice. If you want a large filter, make sure you have enough space to accommodate it.

Type of fish

Some fish and water animals prefer a high current because it is used in natural habitats. However, you may need to filter with a strong outflow to suit the requirements of your habitats.


You must look at your budget before going after a particular type of filter. All filters do not have the same prize. A low priced filter will do a proper filtration for you.

However, the quality of a filter can also be told by the award. However, its good to go for the prize that tally with the amount of money you have placed on budget. I can bet you want the best environment for your fish, so you will have to spend on them to achieve that.


Your filter will need your attention when it comes to maintenance. You may not have the time to scrub your filter. It’s easy to change some accessories such as the cartridges, changing the media, and cleaning the filter. This is an aid in providing excellent results.

Frequent Questions Asked

It’s normal for anyone to come up with questions while using their filter, especially if you can get confused for the first time. Are you looking forward to purchasing a new filter?

Here are some answered questions that will go a long way for you

What type of filter is best for planted tanks?

Almost all the filters will do very well in planted tanks. You can try selecting from any of the filters listed above. They have an excellent filtration flow and will give you the best results

Anyone will need a filter that comes with a noiseless and gentle flow to filter off all water debris.

What type of filters would be best for a messy fish?

Fish like the cichlids or the platys are the messy species of fish. For this type of fish, you should go for a fine media filter with additional filter cartridges. The best option here is the Hang on Back (HOB) filters.

Is it a bad idea to purchase more than one filter for a tank?

As long as you have chosen the right filter for your tank, you don’t need to have more than one filter. However, it is not written anywhere that more than a filter is not safe.

Why is a canister filter placed underneath the tank?

The filter is placed below because it works with The filter should be below the tank, as it gravitational suction mechanics. You can also set it beside your tank as long as it is below the water level.

How often my filter should be cleaned?

Clogging of your filter to limit its performance and efficiency. You can clean your filter at least after 4-5 weeks.

Do I need to clean my filter cartridge always?

The answer to this depends on some factors which are How much debris do I take produce every day? Generally, you can clean your filter at least every month.

What type of filter is best for nano fish?

When you have tiny fish in your tank, it would be best to go for filters that do not have a high suction power or heavy flow.

The type of filter to use id the internal or canister filter, this is best for more extensive aquariums.


No matter the size of the aquarium you are keeping, there is a filter that is best suited for you. From our top picks listed above, they are out there and up for pick up regardless of the type of tank you are keeping.

However, look closely before getting yourself any filter. Find out which type is best suited for your environment and one that your fish will be comfortable using. With our well-detailed review guide, you’ll be having yourself a great filter.