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Betta Fish types and Price | Tail, Color, and Pattern

The Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens), has been the aquatic equivalent of a bare-knuckle prizefighter since ancient times. The small and stubby fighter was bred to be aggressive and untiring, earning a place in history as the tiny fish with an infinite spirit.

Little of this famous pedigree is found in the contemporary betta fish, as breeders obsessed with creating the perfect betta continue to selectively breed the betta fish to look more awesome and breathtaking.

The betta fish has evolved from the prizefighting fish of antiquity to the much-beloved gorgeous aquarium fish with outsized flowing fins, and incredible colors.

The Siamese fighting fish is a member of the gourami family, native to the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia the betta fish natural habitat are ponds, rice paddies, flood plains, and slow-moving streams.

The betta fish is among the group of labyrinth fishes. Labyrinth fishes are grouped into 3 families namely; Anabantidae, Helostomatidae, and Osphronemidae.

Labyrinth fishes must breathe air at the water surface to survive, and they have small gills that they use primarily to excrete waste e.g carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Where does my betta fish come from?

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The betta fish is grown on large commercial breeding farms in Southeast Asia and shipped to retail stores around the globe. Trade in the betta fish is a million-dollar business traversing retail, logistics, and animal husbandry.

In commercial farms, betta fish are bred in small containers until they reach the age of 3 to 4 months where the males are separated and put into individual jars to grow their fins and prevent injury caused by their increasing aggression.

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The male bettas are fed once a day with regular water changes for almost 12 weeks. After attaining the required level of growth desired by breeders, the betta fish are removed from the jars for packaging and shipping.

The male betta fish are shipped in solitary bags with minimal water just to keep them immersed, while the larger portion of the bag is filled with air to enable the betta fish to breathe during freight. Tranquilizers, nutrients, and food supplements are added to the water to keep the betta fish calm and nourished during shipping.

Hundreds of thousands of betta fish are exported globally from commercial farms in Southeast Asia. On reaching their destinations, the betta fish are placed in new clear containers with clean water, and they are sent to pet stores where you can purchase your lovely betta fish.  

The unique feature behind the betta fish’s high survival rates during shipment is its labyrinth organ. The labyrinth organ is a mass of intricate, furrowed bone systems enclosed with respiratory epithelium (the labyrinth organ) located in dual chambers above the betta fish gills. It allows the betta fish to breathe surface air.

The labyrinth organ has enabled the betta fish to adapt to harsh environments with higher than average temperatures, and low usable oxygen levels.

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Different types of Betta fish and their Prices

There are more than 73 recognized types of betta fish. For years, breeders have been creating new betta fish varieties by simply cross-breeding different types of betta fish. The outcome is a vast collection of betta fish types, colors, and patterns for betta fish lovers to select from.

However, we have tried to compile a list of betta fish types and prices. Despite getting lost in the maze of betta fish color/pattern/type hybrids available out there, we managed to identify the basic betta fish types, color, and patterns that form the source of most existing betta fish type/color/pattern hybrids.

Different Betta Fish Tail Types and their Prices

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The amazing distinctions between the numerous betta fish types are in the tail and fin shapes. Some betta fish have diva-like long and flowing tails, while others with their short and spiky tail fins, seem dressed for a metal rock concert.

Whichever betta you desire, you are certain of owning a captivating aquarium fish.

Here’s a list of the major betta fish tail types.

Spadetail Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $44

This is a rare type of betta fish and it can be difficult to come across in pet shops. As its name implies, the shape of the tail fin of the Spadetail betta resembles the spade in a deck of playing cards.

Crowntail Betta Fish

Prices from $3.19 to $35

Distinguished by its spikes, the Crowntail betta has three sub-varieties; double ray, single ray, and the cross ray which is rare and the most expensive. The crowntail betta is more aggressive than other bettas, and it is more vulnerable to diseases. This betta type needs more than average care.

Combtail Betta Fish

Price from $3.59

The Combtail type is a hybrid of the Crowntail betta fish type and another betta type. Its fin tail is spiky but with less distinct webbing.

Delta Betta Fish

Prices from $6.39 to $80

Its tail fin is similar to the Halfmoon betta’s, but without the 180° tail spread. Instead, the Delta betta fish tail appears to be triangular.

An interesting feature of the Delta betta fish is the near equal number of fins on its top and bottom sides if you were to draw a horizontal line across its midsection.

Double Tail Betta Fish

Price from $6.39

The Double Tail betta type has two tail fins, and breeders have been known to cross-breed the Double Tail with other betta types such as Halfmoon, Crowntail, and Plakats to achieve spectacular looking betta fish types.

Double Tail betta fish types are rare, and they are plagued by a combination of health conditions such as swim bladder disease. This betta fish type is prone to fin diseases, and they have very low survival rates.

Dumbo Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $53

As its name implies, the Dumbo betta type has large pectoral fins, and when viewed from the front; resembles large Elephant ears. The Dumbo betta fish type is also available in different tail types. - For all your creative needs!

The Dumbo betta fish type requires an intensive selective breeding procedure and can be costly. They require more than usual care than the average betta fish and are susceptible to fin ripping, tail nipping, and several diseases.

Halfmoon Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $69

This is a popular and expensive betta fish type, the Half-moon betta fish is easily identified by its tail fin which has a 180° spread. This amazing tail spread also has a major disadvantage, the Half-moon betta fish tail fin is easily ripped.

Half Sun Betta Fish

Price from $9.99

The Half sun betta fish is a Half-moon and the Crowntail hybrid. Its tail fin has the 180° spread of the Half-moon, and its caudal tail fin rays are similar to the Crowntail’s.

Veiltail Betta Fish

Price from $2.39

This is the most common betta type. Its long tail fin droops from the caudal peduncle creating an elegant flowing tail.

Although the Veiltail betta is banned from betta contests, it is considered to be among the most brightly colored and beautiful bettas.

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Plakat Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $55.90

Identical with the original Siamese fighting fish, the Plakat betta fish type most distinguishing feature is its short tail fin. This feature is why the Plakat betta is usually mistaken for female Betta fish. The Plakat betta fish is resistant to fin diseases and is easily cared for.

Rosetail Betta Fish

Prices around $30.00

The Rosetail betta fish type is a Half-moon hybrid with a unique fin branching. This fin branching gives its rose-like caudal fins a spread of more than 180°.

Roundtail Betta Fish

Price from $9.99

The Roundtail betta fish caudal fin is fully rounded with no visible straight edges. Some betta fish experts have described it as a Plakat betta fish with a bigger tail fin.

Different types of Betta Fish by Color and their Prices

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Betta fish fanciers are spoiled for choice when selecting their favourite beta by color or pattern. Coloration in betta fish varieties is not limited to basic colors like blue, red, and green, thanks to breeders, bettas are available in just about any color combination possible.

Some colors are quite common, but others can be quite rare, and perhaps the rarest better color type, is the Albino betta.

Here’s a list of the different betta fish tail types available.

Chocolate Betta Fish

Prices are hard to come by but can fetch upwards of $20

The Chocolate color betta has a dark brown color and occasionally, its fins can be seen having golden, orange, or yellow colors.

This betta color type is very rare to get.

Clear Cellophane Betta Fish

Prices from $12

This is virtually a betta fish with transparent fins.

Black Betta Fish

Prices from $12 to $69.99

The black color in the Black betta type is a recessive gene, and other colors are usually dominant. This betta type has several sub-varieties like black orchid, copper black, black ice, etc.

Albino Betta Fish

Prices for this extremely real face can be up to $10,000

The Albino betta is a very rare betta type. It is plagued by a myriad of health issues that have somewhat reduced breeders’ desire to breed this betta color type.

Purple Violet Betta Fish

Prices from $10 to $58

This is a very rare betta color type. 

And they can be sighted in a startling combination of unusual colors ranging from deep violet, copper, black and purple-blue. They can be bi-colored with the fins and body having different colors, and are available in every tail type and pattern possible.

Blue Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $150

The Blue color betta has a dominant blue color. Also, several hues of blue color are available namely, royal blue and steel blue.

Copper Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $100

Slightly iridescent, the Copper betta fish colors can appear to change under different lighting conditions. Sub varieties of the Cooper betta type include; red copper, deep copper, and light gold copper.

Orange Betta Fish

Prices from $25 to $100

The Orange color betta can be mistaken for the red color betta by people unfamiliar with the fish. But when viewed under proper lighting conditions, the orange color can be discerned.

This color is very rare.

Red Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $85

This is a common color found in several betta varieties. This color type is distinguished by a strong red color coat all over the betta’s body, resulting in a bright, and attractive betta.

Green Betta Fish

Prices from $7.50 to $49.99

Single color Green bettas are quite rare, and expensive. Green color bettas with a darker display are slightly iridescent.

Opaque Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99

An extremely rare betta, this color type tends to display impurities e.g outlining. It has a recessive gene.

Yellow Betta Fish

Prices from $10 to $100

The Yellow color betta fish mostly has a bright yellow coat all over its body including the fins. This is a widespread color among betta fish varieties.

Wild-Type Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $360

Related to the rounded tail fin Plakat betta fish, this color type has iridescent colors of green, blue, red, and turquoise.

Mustard Gas Betta Fish

Prices from $15 to $75

An extremely gorgeous betta color type, it comes in green or blue body colors with pretty yellow or orange fins.

Orange Dalmatian Betta Fish

Prices from $15.99

The Orange dalmatian betta fish is also referred to as apricot spots because of the dark orange spots across its orange body.

Different types of Betta Fish by Patterns and their Prices

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Bi-colored Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99

This betta fish pattern type is characterized by its body and fins having different colors.

Butterfly Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $12 to $69.99

This color pattern is unique but common, the Butterfly betta is defined by the equal color mixtures on its fins with the body having a single color.

Cambodian Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99

This pattern is characterized by slight flesh-like color skin with shades of blue, green, and red.

Dragon Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99 to $100

A recent addition to the betta fish varieties, the Dragon pattern betta has a brilliant body-color with barely iridescent reptilian-like body scales.

Marble Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99

The Marble betta has an undefined color pattern all over its body and fins. It is unique for having splotches that can “move” about its body, the Marble betta’s “jumping gene” enables this beautiful fish to change its colors over time.

Mask Pattern Betta Fish

Price is around $35

Most betta fish heads and bodies have different body colors, however, the Mask betta fish pattern is most unusual as the betta fish body has the same color as its head.

Multicolored Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99

As its name implies, this betta fish pattern has a minimum of 3 distinct colors with irregular and ambiguous patterns.

Piebald Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $9.99

Famous for its flesh-like head coloration, the Piebald betta pattern can also have other patterns or colors on its body and fins.

Pineapple Pattern Betta Fish

Pricing from $16.34

A betta fish must have visible black patterns on its scale before it can be regarded as a pineapple betta. The pattern form is often erratic and is not in any particular style.

Grizzle Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $17

The Grizzle pattern betta fish has two distinct iridescent colors on its body and fins. It is available in pastel or opaque body. The Grizzle betta has irregular specks with iridescent spots on its body and fins.

Koi Pattern Betta Fish

Prices from $10 to $100

The Koi betta fish is a variety of Marble betta. It is not found in the wild but selectively bred by hobbyists to resemble the popular Koi pond fish.

The Koi pattern betta has more distinct color patterns, compared to the Marble betta fish.


More betta fish varieties are added daily to this list. And whichever betta fish you choose, you are assured of owning a beautiful fish with stunning colors.