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Types of Flowerhorns and their Prices

Flower Horn Cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish having characteristic features and lively colors due to which they are noted.

The head of the flower horn is what it is named after, it’s head is formally termed as nuchal hump but is also known as Kok.

Flower horns are very popular among hobbyists in Asia however are also kept by those in the U.S as well as Europe. As being man-made hybrids, flower horns can not be found other than in the wild due to their release over there. They can be seen in Malaysia and Singapore where they have become virulent pest animals.

Various and Famous Varieties of Flowerhorn Cichlids:

  • Golden Monkey
  • King Kong Parrots and Red Ingots
  • Zhen Zhu
  • Kamfa
  • Golden Base
  • King Kamfa
  • Kamfamalau
  • Thai Silk

The names mentioned above are of a variety of flower horns which are further classified into subsets from numerous countries and breeders. All of the names mentioned have their specifications and features. Therefore the prices vary with their distinguished breeds hence they are sold accordingly.

Golden Monkey

It is an expensive flower horn that was bred by Lem Seah and Lam Soon at Ipoh, Malaysia, Bercham. It is also known as good fortune OR kamalau. It is an original luohan based fish and has its worth of thousands of dollars.

The original golden monkey’s main feature is its redness which seems as if it is under the skin like blood and this color does not fade. Moreover, another significant characteristic of this flowerhorn is its pearl which is decayed as well as shiny.

Color saturation is also found in this flowerhorn starting from soft to a very deep color, it is also known as smooth gradation. Furthermore, the golden monkey is found to have a thick chin and a muscular broad body along with a hardtail at the end.

This specific flowerhorn cichlid is strongly compared to Zhen zhu flower horn and it is the meliorated version of Hua Jiau.

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The most high-priced GOLDEN MONKEY was sold in 2009 for six hundred thousand dollars ( $600,000) at an exhibition taken place in Malaysia.

King Kong Parrots and Red Ingots

King Kong Parrot represents an early stage in the transition to flowerhorn breeding, they are longer than the blood parrot cichlids which are defined as the earliest type of cichlid hybrid. It is found in a reddish-orange color. The King Kong Parrot cichlid has a dorsal fin and its shape is almost identical to the red devil cichlid. The shape of its mouth juts out into a triangular shape as it grows to a size of 18cm. Only a 20 percent population of King Kong Parrot grows to a size of a half kilogram!

However, unhealthy and baleful practices of pigmentation are being carried out to change the color of this flowerhorn to blue and purple, although these artificial colors fade with time. More methods like these are practiced to get a perfect and well-bred as well as round-bodied KING KONG PARROTS, having clear-eyes a dorsal fin, and a mouth with a perfectly natural opening and closing. Moreover, for the development of vivid red color, various methods are used as well. These methods of breeding can increase the mass of these flowerhorn cichlids up to a thousand grams.

They are sold according to the difference in their size from one another. For example, a cichlid of size 7-8 inches comes with a price tag between dollar two hundred to the dollar two hundred and fiftyand as its size decreases the price gets lower as much as to $13 for the length of about 1.5 inches long parrot cichlid all distinguished with their colors as well.

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RED INGOT is known for its irregular and unique shape. The growth rate of Red Ingot is very quick in the very first year of their lives, they grow to a size of at most twenty centimeters. The maximum size of this typical hybrid cichlid has not been confirmed until now however their growth from the second to the third year is rather not as fast as in the first year, they add around five to eight centimeters in their size in that time.

They are kept and grow in a controlled environment and all the conditions are properly checked including the power of hydrogen (pH) of the water which is a bit acidic. The water in which the ingots are raised is kept under check quality-wise as well as at an optimum temperature of twenty-eight degrees Celcius and the water is also rich with fertilizers such as nitrite and ammonia for the proper burgeoning of this cichlid.

Zhen Zhu

Zhen zhu means “PEARL FLOWERHORN”, its toughest and unique feature is of pearling and this variety of flowerhorn was generated slightly after the kamfa. It was derived from luohan. Zhen zhu has red eyes sticking out with a notable head flower and a round-shaped tail attached to its body.

The carrying out of breeding is efficient when it comes to this flowerhorn. Breeders carry out this practice for a better variety of pearls for pearling for the upcoming generations by crossing out other types with it.No special care is needed for their upbringing other than suitable husbandry. its cost is between dollar fifty to dollar one fifty depending on the weight and length of the fish.


Kamfa originally belonging to luohan is a multicolored flowerhorn cichlid. Its most prominent features are its eyes and its huge head bump. The eyes are found in three colors but more commonly in white and yellow and are rarely seen in the color red.

It has a brushy rather fan-shaped tail. the head has a size bigger than usual fish due to its water colored head bump on top, the body is square-shaped and larger than that of Zhen zhu. Carrying a price tag of above $500 depending totally on the size and color.

Golden Base

A golden base is a group of various varieties of fish some of which are Faders, Golden trimac, and Red Texas cichlid.

Red Texas cichlids are part of flowerhorn and golden base. They were made through breeding methods. A green texas cichlid was bred with king kong parrot and then the offspring were crossed back with the parent to obtain a consistent red color. The significant feature of this cichlid is its color which is further divided into divisions and rated. The unfaded is considered as the lowest grade of the red texas and then the grade and demand of this cichlid increase as it moves from yellow to orange and then further to coral and finally red.

Another of the red texas main feature is it’s pearling and the type of its pearling. The cost of this cichlid starts from dollar eighty at its lowest and then is found to increase up to a thousand dollars.

Faders, it is another type of golden base and its name refers to its appearance that goes through a color change in its adolescent years. The flowerhorn goes completely black at this time. However, as the process of color-changing or fading continues the black fades away leaving behind the cichlids’ body with a striking yellow or red color.

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It is part of the kamfa family and is originated from Thailand however it now is also present in Vietnam. it is found in various colors with a dark black double flower row along a lateral line along its body. It has a very thick white pearling. Its shape is similar to that of a typical kamfa but longer, with a fan-shaped tail attached to the body.

This is the most expensive flowerhorn strain. King kamfa comes at various prices and it is distinguished due to its rare colors. according to its rarity, it can be tagged from dollar three hundred to as high as dollar three thousand and a pair could cost as much as twenty thousand US dollars.


As its name refers, kamfa-malau is a cross of kamfa and malau flowerhorn. This kamfamalau has a body shape of a regular kamfa fish with finnage and eyes embedded in its body. Its characteristic feature is that of pearling which moves along the head bump and these strains display the best features of Kamfa and Malau. The price it comes with is just a little above that of kamfa fish as this flowerhorn cichlid is a mixed breed. This magnificent fish is also said to be Feng shui because many people believe it to be a bring good fortune in their house.

It’s price starts from as low as dollar thirty-two and is mentioned according to the size of its body which can be between eighteen to twenty inches and its head bump or pearling as well.

Thai Silk

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This breed is new if compared to other flowerhorn cichlids and its yet to be discovered where it was first originated in the world. It has two different strains. One of which is known by the name of titanium. The titanium is to be found in three colors, golden, white, and metallic blue. A new strain of thai ilk has also recently been developed which has a kamfa type body and has prominent eyes found in various colors i.e white, red, and even blue. This was believed to be a cross with 3 different types of fish that are White Tigers, Vieja, and authentic Texas cichlid. Thai silk comes with a price tag starting from dollar fifty and reaching the price of over two hundred dollars.

These numerous and exceedingly remarkable flowerhorns come with distinctive yet extraordinary features that complement them. Moreover, Every flowerhorn has its range of price in which they are purchased and sold. Furthermore, Hobbyists all over the world have an immense interest in these varieties of flowerhorn cichlids and some of the very extravagant flowerhorns are sold off at auctions at an extremely large amount of cash as well.


In my opinion, golden base flowerhorn is the most fascinating and engrossing among all these cichlids as it helps you see how nature develops exuberantly, yet in such a simple way. This specific flowerhorn inspires us to see wildlife and mother nature differently than before. Moreover, for me looking at the golden base and how it changes its color is an experience of its own and we can get such an experience within a reasonable price range, online or at our stores.

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I gave you all the necessary information about the flowerhorns in the paragraphs above. You can read this article about flowerhorns and instead of spending time making a strenuous decision; by carefully looking at the characteristic features and the money range in which each of them lies you can easily buy a flowerhorn you would love having in your aquarium or invest in any of them for selling them later.